Monday, February 27, 2012


After months and months of working on this project, my Ultimate Couponing Worksheet is finally completed, copyrighted and ready for you to enjoy!

I am so excited to share my personal tool with all of you!  

I think I have covered about everything any couponer needs with them when shopping:
*Shopping List
*The latest deals
*Store Coupon Policies

The Ultimate Couponing Worksheet is designed with every level of shopper in mind; whether you are an “Extreme Couponer” or a “Coupon Virgin” You will find that this worksheet is extremely flexible and can be completely customized to how you shop! 

Customizing the Ultimate Couponing Worksheet is simple; the top of the worksheet has simple questions about your stores coupon policy.  Does your store double coupons?  Up to how much?  Is there a limit on “like” coupons allowed?  No problem!  Does your store allow overage?  Got you covered!  Once answered, the worksheet does all the work for you!  Simply plug in numbers and watch the magic happen!  

The Ultimate Couponing Worksheet is designed to think on a dime.  Need to make adjustments to your list because your store is out of stock?  No worries simply change any information on the worksheet and watch your totals recalculate for you.  No more thinking, no more stress or incorrect math.  This worksheet does it all; I don’t call it the Ultimate Couponing Worksheet for nothing!

I have also included a link to Living on a Coupon so you are always up to date on the latest deals.  This is very handy when you are already at the store and want to see if any new deals have popped up.

Ever been at a store and wished you had their coupon policy handy?  You will notice that all your store policies are at a touch of a button for you.  I always say "never leave home with out them", and now you won't!

Your mobile device will need a program that will allow you to access and edit Excel programs.  I personally use Document To Go.

To quickly find The Ultimate Couponing Worksheet, search "couponing worksheet" in your Android Market!

I hope all of you will take the time to leave feedback on the application.  
I know there will be lots of updates to come as I hear what others are wanting out of it.  
If I don't have your store listed let me know I will gladly add it to the ever growing list!

Copyright © 2011 Jessica Hacker - The Ultimate Couponing Worksheet.  All Rights Reserved

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  1. Can I get this on my iTouch?

  2. I am not able to find it in my app store... :(

  3. Currently the app is only available on the Android market. We are working on Apple but it is a bit more complicated and is taking some time.

  4. Kelly what are you searching? I am finding it under couponing, coupon worksheet, Ultimate Couponing Worksheet..

  5. Bummer! I really wanted it for the ipad!

  6. Is this available for use on the computer. Don't have iphone, ipad, or whatever that uses app.