Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I love to shop Rite Aid on Rain Checks, it is my preferred way to shop there!
Rite Aid is unlike any other store.  
This is why they are my favorite drugstore!

By shopping with Rain checks I get the following benefits that no other store offers:
  1. I don't have to be at the store first thing Sunday morning to get the deal or miss out
    1. If I don't make it to the store until the last day of the sale no big deal!
  2. Rite Aid's Rain Checks honor the sale price & the +Up Reward being offered
  3. I can shop a week behind everyone which means I don't have to fight the rush for the current deals.
  4. I have less OOP (out of pocket) by shopping on Rain Checks

How to get a Rain Check:
Very simple!

  1. Find a cashier and let them know you need a rain check.  They will grab the current ad to verify the offer.
  2. Fill out a cute white Rain Check form
  3. List the quantity you are wanting & the +Up Reward offer available
  4. I personally clip the offer out of the current ad and staple it to the Rain Check so there is no confusion of the offer being claimed on the rain check.
  5. I then paper clip or even staple the coupons I will need to go with the rain check so I don't lose them.

Here is a perfect example:
Last week there was a great deal on Edge Shaving Gel.  Best we have seen in a long time.  I didn't get to Rite Aid until Wednesday. 

Of course Rite Aid was sold out, which I expected....no big deal.  I got a rain check for the limit allowed and  today I picked up my 4 Edge Shaving Gel and only paid less OOP than I would have if I had gotten the deal last week when it was valid.

How it Works:

(Last weeks deal: I would have had $4.58 OOP and then received $4 in +Up's after I paid.)

Buy 4 Edge Shaving Gel $3.29 - Buy 1, Get $2 +Up Reward (limit 4)
Use (2) $2/2 Edge Shaving Gel SS 1/13
Pay $9.16, Get (4) $2 +Up 
Final Price: $.29 each WYB 4

When you redeem a rain check that has a +Up the cashier automatically takes off the +Up Reward before you pay because that is the only way they can honor an old +Up.
Buy 4 dge Shaving Gel $3.29 
=$13.16 before coupons & +Up Reward
-$4.00 - Use (2) $2/2 Edge Shaving Gel SS 1/13
-$8.00 - Redeem Rain Check of Buy 1 Edge, Get $2 +Up Reward (limit 4)
Pay: $1.16 ($.29 each)

  • So by shopping on rain checks I saved $8.00 OOP of my weekly budget!!  
  • That is $8 that is not tied up in +Up Rewards which limits where I can spend the money
  • For me some weeks I might need that $8 for Albertsons!  I don't want to have to borrow $8 from another week!

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