Thursday, December 6, 2012


One sweater - 4 different projects!

I shared these ideas last winter and thought we could revisit for
those of you looking for a very thrifty gift idea for this Christmas!

I have lots of old wool sweaters that I don't wear anymore; these sweaters will be making lots of goodies.  
All of these projects are no sew or very minimal sewing!

Not just any sweater is going to work for these projects.  
You need to use a wool sweater that is at least 70% wool.  
The higher the wool count is means the tighter the fabric will be when you "felt" your sweater.


  • You have to "felt" your sweater before chopping it up.  
    • Wash your wool sweater in the washer on the hottest water setting possible.  
    • Add a few towels or jeans to the wash with the sweater to create more friction.
    • The more friction the more your wool will tighten up (that is the felting process)
    • After washing put the sweater in the dryer to fully dry
  • Why felt?  
    • The process of felting shrinks and tightens up the wool fibers turning your wool sweater into felt.
    • Felt then can be cut and does not have to be sewn because the fibers are so tight they will not frey.
    • This also will keep your sweater projects from stretching out.

Here are 4 fun easy projects to do with just one sweater!

I used the body of the sweater to make this cute purse for my daughter.  This bag turned out so cute and she loved having her name on it.
Click Here for instructions.

Just 3 1/2 inches off one sleeve made this cute reusable coffee cup sleeve.  You could use all the sleeve to make several of these for gifts.  I only made 2 (one from each sleeve) and used the rest for the next project.  
Click Here for instructions.

I have always wanted a pair of fingerless hand warmers.  I used the remaining sleeve to make a set.  These are so cute and yes very warm!  
Click Here for instructions.

If you are not into the fingerless hand warmers you could make 2 very cute wine bottle sleeves.  These would be so cute with a ribbon around the body of the bottle or maybe a button or initial.  
Click Here for instructions.

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