Friday, July 27, 2012


I just love this idea!!  
If you are a teacher of little ones this would be a great project to do at 
the beginning of the school year, to hang on your front door!!

Here's what you need:
~a round pizza pan
~a length of ribbon for hanging
~a felt circle cut to fit the back of the pizza pan
~magnetic letters
~craft foam cut into smallish rectangles big enough for a child's handprint
~paint brush
~hot glue gun

Here's what you do:
1)  Use hot glue gun to affix ribbon to back of pizza pan.  Cover with felt circle using hot glue. (I did this step at home.)

2)  Paint child's hand and press onto precut craft foam rectangles.  Let dry.  Write child's name on front side of handprint.  Cut out.  (I also wrote each child's name on the back of the foam before we did their handprints.  This helped me keep track of the little rectangles in the midst of the chaos.)

3)  Use hot glue to place the hands around the rim of the pizza pan like a wreath.

4)  Put magnetic letters on to spell whatever you want.

5)  I also hot glued a poem about handprints onto the back of the wreath.  The last line is my favorite: 
These children, your students are reaching big goals
because of the handprint that you’ve left on their souls.


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