Wednesday, February 6, 2013


If you have been following my Monthly Menu Plan you will notice that 
we have Fondue Date Night at least once a month!

It's fun, cheap & a great way no stress way to entertain.
Think about it....You are making your guest cook their own food!  :)

For me, usually the meats being grilled are the misc. small amounts that are still in the freezer.
I find that with fondue you can cut the amount of food in half by the people you have attending.
Example: my family of 6 I only prep enough food for 3 (3 chicken breast, 3 steaks....)
Of course, this makes for a very frugal party menu or date night!!

On average any Fondue Restaurant will cost $30+ a person for a dinner meal (this doesn't even include having desert fondue)!!!
Where creating your own fondue meal at home will cost a fraction of the price!!

Plus, it gives you a reason to pull out all those Pampered Chef dishes
you just had to have!!


  • Clean out your freezer!
    • We all have misc cuts of meat that isn't enough to make a meal....These are perfect for fondue
    • Pork, chicken, steak, sausage, shrimp.....
  • Shop the Day-Old Bakery Goods for Pastries & Bread to dip
    • You can usually pick up day-old baked goods for $.99, where to buy fresh it cost $3.00
    • Day-old baked goods are a bit dry which is perfect for fondue, they can hold up to the cheese or chocolate better than fresh.
  • Use normal chocolate chips for dessert fondue rather than special fondue chocolate!
    • Fondue Chocolate costs a fortune, $15 a bag!!  The only thing that makes it special is already has a higher oil content to make it smooth and dippable (I know, not a word)
    • Chocolate chips on average only cost $1.50 a bag and us couponers usually have some in our stockpile even cheaper (hence the term Stockpile Cooking)  All you need to do is add oil when melting until the desired consistency is achieved.
  • Don't buy Fondue Recipe books!
    • There are so many free recipes all over the internet & pinterest!  No need to pay for something that is FREE!!

Like my Indoor Grill, Electric Fondue Pot & Chocolate Fountain?!  

I bought them all from Amazon at amazing prices!  We use them all the time, and of course the chocolate fountain is a favorite at all my kid's birthday parties!!

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