Thursday, January 17, 2013

HOMEMADE DISH DETERGENT $.04 A LOAD (Compared to $.10 a load at stock up price)

Making my own Dish Detergent is another way I save a fortune!
I have always been a Finish person
(mostly because of the high value coupon that comes once a year)

The results were OK, but with my hard water my glasses still are covered with 
spots and look cloudy.  It didn't even matter if I used Jet Dry or Vinegar!

That is until I started to make my own!
Not only are my glasses sparkly clean....But the price comparison is not even comparable!!!

Regular price of dish detergent on average $.21 a load
A couponing stockup price on dish detergent is $.10 a load
Making your own dish detergent is $.04 a load!!!  


  • 2c. Borax Soap  (find in the laundry section)
  • 2c. Washing Soda  (find in the laundry section)
  • 1 1/2c. Lemi Shine  (find in the dish detergent section)
  • 1c. Kosher Salt
Combine all ingredients and allow to sit in an open container for a few hours.  Stirring occasionally.
*The Lemi Shine will make the mixture clump up, so by letting it air out you won't have this problem.

1 batch of homemade detergent is 6.5 cups of cleaner = 104 Tablespoons (loads)
Cost: $4.24 a batch ($0.04 a load)

Cost Breakdown: I bought all of these ingredients at Walmart!
Borax, 76oz= $3.38 (9.5 cups / $.35 a cup)
Washing Soda, 55oz = $3.24  (6.8 cups / $.47 a cup)
Kosher Salt, 48oz = $1.00 (6 cups / $.16 a cup)
Lemi Shine, 12oz $3.66  (1.5 cups/ $2.44 a cup)

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  1. Yes, I actually use vinegar for the rinse agent. You can either put it in the rinse agent dispenser or just in a little dish on the top rack

  2. do you have to put the lemony shine in the bach