Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have two binders...My Coupon Binder and then there is The Other Binder.

Every Tuesday my mailbox is full of this:

We often throw these out because we don't have room for them,
they sit on the kitchen counter or on your dash.  They are big bulky 
and just in the way.

Don't throw them away IT'S MONEY!!!

We can all admit at some point in our lives we eat out....we eat fast food.
When I do, I want to make sure I have a coupon.  This junk mail coupons do me no good
if they are at home on my counter!

If you have couponed through back to school season you have everything on hand:
  • 3-Ring Binder
  • Clear Protective Sheets
  • 5-Tab Dividers
There are many ways to organize the junk mail.  
I personally organize mine be the following categories:
  • Auto
    • oil changes
    • tires
    • car wash
  • Dine-in
    • all sit down restaurant coupons
  • Fast Food/Carry-Out
    • pizza
    • fast food
    • ice cream
  • Personal
    • hair cuts
    • tanning
    • nails
    • massage 
  • Retail
    • clothing 
    • shoes
    • home
    • store only discounts
    • costco

Now that you have these coupons organized you need to put it in your car!  If it's not in your car you still won't use it!!
  • Under your seat
  • Side Pocket of door
  • Back seat
  • Trunk
Just make sure you keep it handy so again IT GETS PUT TO USE WHEN NEEDED!
I check my binder before I go into any store or restaurant just to make sure I don't miss a deal!

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  1. I thought I was the only crazy one with the car coupon binder. Only I use an accordian file. Much easier to clean out each month.