Monday, October 15, 2012


RETAIL: $41.65
OOP: $.97 + TAX ( 98% SAVINGS)

Here is how I broke it out, I did 3 transactions.
*You must have an Albertsons Preferred card to get these prices.
Retail price is figured before the preferred card savings!

Buy 1 Ocean Spray Cranberries, 12oz $1.99
Buy 2 All Mighty Pacs $3.99 each
Buy 2 Lindt Truffles 5.1oz bags $3.89
= $17.75 after preferred card
-$4.00 - Double (2) $1/1 All Mighty Pacs RP 9/30
-$3.00 - Use $3.00 Catalina from a few weeks ago (exp 10/16)
Final Price: $.97 

Buy 6 Chapstick Lip Balms $1.00 each
=$6.00 after preferred Card
-$6.00 - Double (3) $1/2 Chapstick Lip Balm RP 10/7
Final Price: FREE

Buy 4 Chapstick Lip Balms $1.00 each
=$4.00 after preferred Card
-$4.00 - Double (2) $1/2 Chapstick Lip Balm RP 10/7
Final Price: FREE

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  1. Jessica, did you have any troubles printing coupons for cranberries? I had to instal coupon printer app for who knows what time, and then would get the following message "We encountered an issue while printing. Please try again." So frustrating!

  2. That is very frustrating! For some reason I can't get anything to print using Chrome, it does the same thing to me...appears to have downloaded but then won't print. I have to use explore if I want to print. I only got 1 print of the cranberry coupon though....usually we can get two. I don't know if that is what the limit was set at for this one or if it had to do with the issues I had in chrome.

  3. I thought they were only allowing 1 print of the Lindt candy

  4. I went to the Albertsons on Cherry in Meridian, ID, and they said they won't allow "free" Internet coupons unless it's a BIGIF. They wouldn't even accept my free Tai Pei coupon, and that was mailed to me from the manufacturer!

  5. Most coupons (if a printable) you can print 2 copies per computer. I was able to print 2...if you only printed 1 I would go back to Lindt and see if you can print another. I know they posted on their fanpage that there was still 20,000 coupons available.

    1. yes, you could print this coupon more than once BUT their fine print said ONE coupon per household. So, I printed/used only one.

  6. Barb, I would address this on Albertsons Fanpage...they are usually very good about answering you and informing your store location about the correct way of handling a coupon. Albertsons coupon policy states they only take "free" item coupons that have purchase requirements. For the Lindt coupon it requires you to buy a bad no larger then 6oz and only up to $3.99 value. It also has redemption instructions for the store and an address for them to send the coupon to. They should have taken it with no issue.