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Meet Katie!
Katie took advantage of the Permanent Eyeliner offer that I did and was nice 
enough to share her picture & take on the process.

I love sharing experiences like this, it is fun to get another opinion on the process since
everyone heals differently!

If you also took advantage of this offer & would like to share your experience
Please email me: thecouponhacker@gmail.com

Here is Katie's take on the process (in her words):

  I chose the black/brown color since my coloring is really fair.  I thought the whole process was virtually painless and took a little over 2 hours.   My eyes barely felt sensitive after an hour or so after leaving the salon.  This morning I woke up with a little bit of crustiness in the inner corners of my eyes, but nothing major. I'm pretty red and a little bruised under my bottom lashes, but my top lashes don't feel a thing. It even looks like I have more color on the bottoms than the top, but I'm sure that will change.  I did feel really tired yesterday, which Tina told me was normal.  I'm glad she told me that, otherwise I would have wondered why I felt so run-down.  I think the hardest part of all this will be NOT rubbing my eyes when they get itchy.  How itchy did your eyes get?  Did she tell you how much going back for a touch up would cost?  Do you know if that takes the same amount of time?  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it's going to heal. 


To answer Katie's question:
  • How itchy did my eyes get?
    • My eyes were pretty itchy through the scabbing part.  After the scabbing went away the itchiness got better, though I have noticed that they are still healing and do get itchy.  Mostly in the mornings!
  • How much does the touch up cost?
    • For those of us that take advantage of this special offer touch ups are only $75 (normally $200)

Read my take on the actual process & my take on the healing process!


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