Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have gotten lots of emails regarding the rumors surrounding 
Walgreens getting rid of their "register reward" program.

Here is what I know:
The Walgreens Rewards Card ran in some Test areas and ended at the beginning of the year.
It was rumored that this “Reward Card” would be replacing Register Rewards in all stores starting September 2012.

The Rewards Card will replace RR with a point system.  You collect points for buying specific products and earn 10 points for every $1 you spend OOP (not retail); These points can then be traded in for gift cards or other rewards Walgreens has available.
This could be nice to not have to keep track of paper RR’s that expire rather quickly…..though when comparing the test area ads with the RR ads we currently get.  The points earned on products just don’t even come close to equaling the value of an RR.
2000 points = $5 Walgreens Gift Card (that means you need to spend $200 to get $5)

Now, supposedly Walgreens is improving the program before it launches….let’s just hope the point system will be one of the “improved” areas!  I’m afraid that if it isn’t Walgreens will be losing many of their couponing customers!!  

How the Test Market Rewards Card worked:
*note there will be changes but this will give you an idea of how the card will work!

  • The Rewards card works like any other store reward card.  Have the cashier scan the card at the beginning of checkout and you will earn points for your purchase.
  • Every member in your family (13 +) should have a card.
    • You can link the cards together so if you send your hubby to Walgreens he can use his card and it will go to a mutual pool.
  • For every $1 spent = 10 Rewards Points. 
  • Some items are excluded from the program (alcohol, Tabaco, Lottery Tickets…) all things that are excluded by State & Federal Law.
  • Only what you spend Out Of Pocket will earn you points
    • So for us couponers it could take a bit to earn some points!
  •  You can earn points for prescriptions also, unless they are covered by State or Federal Health Care Programs.
    • 100 points for every new eligible prescription
    • 300 points for every eligible 90-day prescription
  • If you make a purchase at you will earn points
  • All Points are posted to your account within 2 weeks
  • All Points expire 3 years from the date they are earned.
  • Points can be redeemed for Walgreens Gift Certificates or other promotional items they have available.
  • The Certificates work just like “Walgreens” Cash and can be stacked with Walgreens coupons & manufacture coupons.

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