Friday, August 17, 2012


Finally ladies I am healed!

I went from this on day 1:

To this on day 9:

Here is a creepy close up so you can really see it: 

As you can tell the eyeliner has really relaxed from when I 
first had it done.

At first my eyes were very swollen, red and the eyeliner pigment was very intense!

Now, on day 9 the swelling is gone, the pigment has relaxed and you can really get an idea of what the permanent eyeliner will look like.

Here is my review of the healing process.  

How was the healing process?
     I had the permanent eyeliner done on Thursday and by day 4 (Sunday) the swelling had finally gone away.
     Morning I would wake up with goopy eyes and used a warm cloth to gently clean them so I could see.  I found that by cleaning my eyes at night seemed to help lessen the amount of goop I had in the morning.
     By day 4 the eyeliner had scabbed over and itched LIKE CRAZY!!  It is extremely hard to not scratch; but you must fight the urge!!  You don't want to pick the scab because it will pull the ink right out.  I personally just used a wet cloth or q-tip and gently pressed on the itchy area to help.
     Here I am now at day 9, the scabbing is all gone though my eyelids are still a bit tender.  
Do I love it?
     Absolutely!  Now that the scab is gone I can get a good look at what it will look like FOREVER!!  
     Tina (the artist that did my eyeliner) said you will for sure need at least one touch up 30 days from when you get the permanent eyeliner.  I can tell you she is right!  There are spots that are thicker than others, there are dark and light spots and some areas didn't take color at all.  It will be interesting to see how much more the pigment changes over the next few weeks while it continues to heal.  
     Tina says at the touch up appointment is when you can decide to go darker, thicker or if you like how it looks she will just go over the existing line to brighten the color.  
 I already made my appointment for September to get a touch up.  
I will keep you all posted as to how that goes & of course any changes that I may decide to do.



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  1. Your eyes look great, Jessica! As another recent happy customer of Tina's, I would highly recommend her for this service. She was very thorough in her explanation of what to expect and made me feel completely at ease with the whole process!

  2. tell her to travel to so. cal.