Friday, August 10, 2012


I can't believe I am sharing this picture of me!
Here ya go, me in all my swollen, no make up wearing glory!

As most of you know I had permanent eyeliner done yesterday (Thursday);
this picture was taken when I got home after it was complete.

A bit puffy and red, my upper eyelids are just a tiny bruised (I bruise so easily I expected worse!)

I will share with you what I look like on Monday, that will be 4 days after the process
and should be looking great!

My review of the proccess:

Where did I get it done?
     Tina Slippy of Idaho Skin Care at Visual Effects Salon & Spa.  Tina has been performing permanent makeup for over 20 years!  She is patient, great at explaining the entire process and what to expect after.  You get to pick how thick and what color you want your eyeliner.  I picked brown/black color with a medium thickness.  

Did it hurt?
     Having the permanent eyeliner done did not hurt.  Tina numbs the area around your eye where she is applying the pigment.  Of course there is a bit of discomfort (someone is so close to your eye with a needle!!) but overall you can just feel the vibration of the tool.
     When the process is done you look like you have been crying for days!  Your eyes are swollen, sore, tired & a bit dilated.  As the numbing cream starts to wear off, your eyes do sting for a bit and clearly the area around your eye is very tender.

What you need to know:
     If you have allergies I would recommend taking a decongestant before you go.  The process made me very congested (that honestly was the worst part!)  

     Make sure you have sunglasses with you!  Your eyes will be a bit dilated so you will need to shade them to protect!! 

     The whole process takes about 2 hours.  The first 20 minutes is eye prep/numbing.

     You can't wear makeup for the first 3-4 days.  If your job requires you to be in the public eye, I would recommend scheduling your appointment for a Thursday or Friday so you have the weekend to recover.  We don't want to scare people with our puffy swollen eyes!

     You will need to get at least one touch up.  It takes your eyeliner at least 30 days to fully heal, after the first month you will need to get a touch up; The pigment is not as deep as a normal tattoo and since the bodies natural process is to get rid of foreign objects it is easier for this pigment to fade away quicker.  This is a perfect time to thicken the line or darken the color if you want.  After this touch up your eyeliner can last a few  years before you need another touch just depends on your skin...everyone's body reacts differently!


Tina is offering the same deal I got to all of my readers!!  
If you have been wanting to get permanent eyeliner this is the time!!!

Permanent Eyeliner or Eyebrows for $99.00!  (this is more than 1/2 off)

Call Tina to set up an appointment, 
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Cell: 208-890-0003
Spa: 208-377-4277 

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  1. My mom did the permanent eyeliner and LOVES it!!! I want to get my lips done - any deals on that???