Monday, July 9, 2012


It is hard to believe that school is just around the corner, 
my kids start in 6 weeks! 

We are just starting to get summer like weather to enjoy!
Never the less, our busy lives doesn't change the start date for school so it is time to get prepared!

It seems like Back to School Shopping can be like Christmas Shopping....if we don't plan ahead it will sneak up on us and we will end up spending way more money then necessary! 

I refuse to allow this to happen! 

Yes, 6 weeks is plenty of time to get all my shopping done.  Though this is not an excuse to procrastinate the process....I plan to take the full 6 weeks to hunt the best deals and only spend rock bottom prices for all their supplies and of course any extras I know they will need throughout the year!

According to NRF (National Retail Federation), families spend an average of just over $600 in 2011 to get their kid ready for Back To School!!

$600 a kid?!  OMG, That is just crazy talk!!!

I think we can all agree that with growing children comes growning apparel budgets.  For my kids the majority of the back to school budget is spent on clothing/shoes.

According to the NRF: An average family of school-aged kids are expected to spend $225.47 on jeans, shirts and other types of clothing. Parents are expected to spend an average of $181.60 on their children’s electronic or computer-related school needs from Laptops to Netbooks and Fancy Calculators. Families will also spend an average of $102.93 on shoes and $96.39 on school supplies.

I for one refuse to pay $96.39 in school supplies on 3 kids let alone 1!  
Don't worry either will you!

Here are a few very simple tips to help cut down on the cost!

  1. Reuse: Not everything has to be Brand New. Go through your kids supplies from last year and see what can be reused.  I find that my kids Backbacks, Lunchboxes and Calculators can usually be reused for a few years.
  2. Shop the "off" Season for better deals: Shop clothing clearance sales, consignment sales and even garage sales all year.  Try to anticipate what your kids will need for back to school and what size they will be; this will help you shop when the price is right to get a better deal. If you have teenagers like mine that are more opinionated about what they wear, this may be a little harder, but you can at least find the bascis for then (socks, white tee's, and under garments).
  3. Pick a Budget: I personally set a budget for each kid to spend on clothes and shoes.  I put my kids in charge of their own budget so they understand what things cost.  It is amazing how all of a sudden that $80 sweatshirt they swore they would die without just isn't that important anymore.  I have them go through their closest and decide what still fits and will be reused.  Then we make a list of what they "need" and what they "want".  I first make them buy the needs and whatever money is left over is theirs to buy their wants with.
  4. Shop the Sales with Coupons:  Every store around from Retailers in the Mall to Staples and Even Rite Aid Will be doing everything they can to get you to buy your school supplies from them!  Search for coupons before you shop. We are already starting to see tons of Office Supply printable coupons (like spend $25, save $5).  Don't worry when I see any of these I will post them for you!

  5. Know what's a good price:  I have created a School Supplies Stock Up Price List for you to keep as a guide.  Trust me we get these prices every year, you just have to be patient and know that gathering your kids school supplies will not be done in a single shopping trip.  Like couponing, it will accumulate over the next several weeks.  Don't worry, each Monday morning I will be posting the best prices (the stock up prices) at all our favorite stores so you will know what to buy...when....& where! 

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  1. Very good deals , especially on the school pocket folders which are on every grade list. I'll be stocking up with this price!