Thursday, July 5, 2012


For our son's Graduation Party he didn't want a normal cake....but Cheesecake.
I was rather happy to hear because I also LOVE Cheesecake.

Though serving a plain white cheesecake was just not going to do for a party 
(if you know me and my parties you know what I'm talking about)

So, I came up with a Cheesecake Bar!
This was a blast, and a great way to keep the waste at a minimal.  

My wonderful Step-mom made the cheesecake, and instead of making several normal 
huge thick cheesecakes she baked them in a baking sheet.
This made the cheesecake much thinner and of course stretches a regular recipe
way beyond a 10 inch cake!

Making a cheesecake in a baking sheet also makes it very easy to cut into small bars.
We served the cheesecake in disposable champagne cups (i got from Zurchers).
These cups added a fun little fancy flair to the Cheesecake Bar & where just the right portion size. 

What's a Cheesecake Bar without toppings....
We used mason jars to hold several different toppings 
(Winco Bulk ~ I love you)
This is what we had:
* Mini M&M's * Mini Chocolate Chips * Crushed Oreo's * 
* Chocolate Syrup (my recipe) * Caramel Sauce (my recipe) * Cherry Pie Filling *

This was a huge hit & will definitely be happening again!

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