Friday, July 13, 2012


I always get asked how I am successful with SwagBucks.  
Here is a list of my top 10 ways to get the most out of them!

I love Swag Bucks....
you are already searching the internet, so why not get rewarded for doing so!!

  • Search - 
    • Save SwagBucks as your homepage, this will assure that you always use it as your search engine. 
    • Search each day just as you normally would.  Typing in random searches one-after-another will not help you win.  Swagbucks learns your normal searching habits and rewards you for normal activity!
    • Take advantage of Mega Swag Bucks Friday, where you will earn double & triple the Swag Bucks than normal weekday searches!
  • Invite and Earn - 
    • When you log into your account, under the "Tools" Tab there is the option to invite & earn.  Your account is given a special referral link that you can share with your friends & family.  If you get some to sign up, you will earn Swagbucks every time they do.
  • Print Coupons - 
    • Earn a minimum of 10 Swag Bucks for every coupon you print and redeem.
    • Watch for Double and Triple Value coupons that Swag Bucks will offer from time to time.
  • Special Offers - 
    • The "Offers" Page has several free/no commitment offers you can complete and earn Swag Bucks for doing so.
  • Daily Polls - 
  • Play Games - 
    • If you kids love to play games on the computer, have them play the ones through SwagBucks.  You will earn random Swag Bucks for doing so!  NOW THAT IS A WIN WIN!!
  • Trusted Surveys - 
    • SwagBucks has Surveys you can participate in...instead of earning cash you will earn Swag Bucks that are instantly added to your account
  • Watch Videos - 
    • Watch videos on SwagBucks and earn.  Its like You Tube....but you get paid!
  • Widget/Facebook/Blog - 
    • Be sure to download the SwagBucks Widget and check it daily for FREE Swag Buck Codes.  I check it several times a day because the codes are usually time sensitive & you don't want to miss out!!
    • Follow SwagBucks on Facebook.  They are always giving hints or questions that the answer is the Swag Code to Earn Swag Bucks!!
    • Follow the SwagBucks Blog, here they also will give hints or questions & they will hide Swag Codes in Blog Posts.
  • Trade - 
    • Do you have old Books, Video Games or Phones that you can't get rid of anywhere else?  Send them in and earn Swag Bucks for them.  You fill out the form online and SwagBucks will tell you what your item is worth.  If you like it, then send it in and earn!!


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