Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Time to update our coupon binders and print out a new
Target Coupon Policy.

Nothing major, I personally think the changes they made will give everyone a 
chance to actually get something.

This will make the shelf clearers work a bit harder to get it done!

Click Here to view & print the entire Target Coupon Policy

Here are a few key points of changes:
  1. Limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day
    1. Unless otherwise noted on the coupon
      1. meaning: if the coupon says limit 1 like coupon, than you are not allowed 4
  2. Returned merchandise that was purchased with Manufacture Coupons will only receive coupon value returned in the form of a Target Gift Card.
    1. No more buying items with coupons and then returning it for cash
    2. Example: if you buy a deodorant that is $3, use a $1 Manufacture Coupon & return that item you will only get $2 in Cash & the $1 coupon value on a Target Gift Card.
  3. Target reserves the right to accept, refuse or limit the use of any coupon
    1. In other words, while Target has a national coupon policy....each store can customize what they will actually allow or accept.  The national policy is really just a guideline.

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