Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Time to clean out that garage, finally let go of those dust clothes 
and time to make some CASH!!

Thinking about hosting your own yard sale?
Here are some tips to help you have a successful yard sale:
  • Advertise ~ Duh, right?!.....Really; you have to advertise like crazy! 
    • My favorite FREE ways to advertise your yard sale:
      • Craigslist
      • Zidaho
      • Signs
      • And now on Living on a Coupon (every Thursday your yard sale will be listed)
    • Make sure the heading to your listing gives details to catch someones eye:
      • Posting "Yard Sale, Large Family - Caldwell"  doesn't tell me much.  Give me a brief Idea of what part of Caldwell, nearest intersection or crossroad, even a subdivision name is very helpful!  
      • Something like: Yard Sale Large Family ~ Near Farmway Rd Caldwell at least gives me a general direction of where you are located.
      • Have name brand clothing or other high priced items?  Make sure to list those!  I have found when you say Kitchen Aid Mixer, Real Tree Camo, Gap & Banana Republic clothes....this catches peoples attention and they will show up early just to get first dibs on such items!
    • Give address, hours and other details in the actual posting
    • If you are having a yard sale for 2 or more days, I find that advertising again saying "Last Day - Everything 50% off " helps encourage people to still venture out!
  • Subdivision or Multi-Family Sales
    • You will attract more people to your sale if you can get your neighbors involved!
    • People like convenience and if they know they can drive to one location and walk the block of yard sales they will come!!
    • Color-code each families stuff so you can keep track of earnings & items sold
  •  Early Bird Gets the Worm
    • Be prepared to start very early!  The die-hard yard salers will be on the prowl first thing, be ready.  Trust me they will not come back if you say "we are not open yet"!
  •  Be Organized!
    • Keep things in a theme (kitchen, kids clothes, adults, toys, books)
      • This makes it nice for people to browse, they will stick around longer if things look nice
    • Take the time to price EVERYTHING!!
      • Some may be willing to throw a price at you; but for the most part they want the price clearly marked so their time isn't wasted!
    • Have plenty of plastic bags for your customers.
      • Us couponers get plenty of these, so put them to use!  
      • Your customers will appreciate you handing them a bag to fill while they browse!
    • Keep plenty of change on hand!  Lots of one's & Quarters!!
      • Trust me, the first time yard salers will show up with a $20 to buy that $1 item
  • Lemonade Stand
    • Absolutely!  Yard Salers are hard core, they don't break for lunch or to get a drink.  So have it conveniently there for them!!  
    • Get your kids involved!  Peoople love to support the kids
      • Let them sell lemonade, soda's, water....heck break out the BBQ and sell lunch with those free hotdogs we are always getting in the summer!
  • Don't get attached
    • Remember you are having a yard sale to get rid of your clutter!  
    • If you think your stuff is gold try selling it on Craigslist or Ebay to get more for it.
    • You are going to get the Wheel n' prepared and don't be offended when they make an offer that you feel is too low.
      • Wouldn't you rather get something for it instead of nothing at all?!
  • Leftovers
    • Be prepared to have stuff leftover.  Have a game plan for what to do with it.
    • In the last few hours you could throw a sign out that says "EVERYTHING FREE"
    • Decide what is trash and what could still be donated
      • Take it to your local Salvation Army, Second Hand Store or Church

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