Thursday, April 12, 2012


Unsubscriber for Gmail is giving away a FREE iPad!

For a chance to win, just sign up for their FREE Service (no purchase necessary)

Unsubscriber is a program that takes care of unwanted emails for good.
Simply drag emails to the "Unsubscriber" tab and let the program do all the "unsubscribing"
work for you.  

I love this program especially for my coupon email; because I am constantly signing up for newsletters to get coupons or freebies.  Of course, with doing that I get put on their newsletters that I may not want to receive.  So, instead of manually unsubscribing to each individual email I can simply drag the email to the "unsubscribe" folder and let the program take care of all the unwanted email at once for me.
Pretty cool!  

Give Unsubscriber a try, the service is FREE and you will be entered into a drawing for a 
chance at winning a FREE iPad!

Winner will be announced on May 31st. 

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