Thursday, March 1, 2012


I told you HERE what inserts we are getting in this Sunday paper.

One that I am excited for is the Target Insert, which is always regional...
We never get it in Idaho!

This is when I turn to a Clipping Service
I always buy the Target Insert because it is filled with Target coupons that can be stacked with Manufacture coupons = a much better deal.
Usually, having the Target coupon can turn an OK sale into a STOCK UP PRICE. 
The best part......those of us located in an area that doesn't get the insert can count on our local stores having more of the product on hand because we don't have the Target coupon here.
Meaning, if you buy the regional insert you get the deal while others choose to leave it alone!

If you are wanting to purchase the Target insert I would turn
to one of the following Clipping Services.

    Coupon Connection specializes in Whole Inserts & located in Idaho!  This will be your best bet if you are wanting the entire insert.  If there are multiple coupons from one insert you want, It will always be cheaper to buy the whole insert rather then clipped.  FREE SHIPPING

  Coupon Dede specializes in clipped individual coupons.  Also has a great program called "My Rewards" you get points for purchasing coupons that then work as cash on their site to purchase future coupons.  It's a nice reward for your purchases!

  Kuntry Klippers, also featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing.  Specializes in clipped individual coupons, has a huge variety of the hard to find regional ones. FREE SHIPPING

The Coupon Clippers     The Coupon Clippers specializes in clipped individual coupons.

Wondering why I am not just loyal to one service?  
Simple, each of them offer something a little different.  Since they all do not use the same supplier means they all have different coupons.  I like options, so I have picked the best in the business for whatever my coupon crave may be!
(of course this is my opinion)

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