Friday, March 30, 2012


A few weeks ago I had gotten an email from a reader who had never
shopped Rite Aid before.  She was feeling a bit discouraged because the shelves are 
always empty and wondered how to take advantage of the deal if nothing exists!

I personally love shopping at Rite Aid, simply because they have the most amazing 
Rain Check Policy!

Rite Aid not only gives rain checks for the sale price, but also for the +up reward that exists?!
Yep, they sure do!  So you NEVER EVER miss out on a deal there.
I personally love shopping Rite Aid on rain checks...while everyone else is rushing for the current
deals, I'm beeboppin back to the fully stocked shelves of last weeks products!

Trish took my advice, got her rain checks and did her shopping yesterday.
She was able to get all the deals she wanted from a past week + the current Carefree deal!

Everything you see in the picture only costed her:
$5.16 + tax

Nicely done Trish!
It pays to be PATIENT & take advantage of RAIN CHECKS!!

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