Monday, February 13, 2012


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Thanks for listening to me talking with Randy and Alana.  I'm sure you have visions of coupons dancing in your heads and want to know how YOU can do this to.  Anyone can coupon, there is not a "one size fits all method".  You can customize how you use coupons and to what EXTREME you use them.  Couponing is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and a change for the better.  Keep reading and in no time you will be on the right track to saving 50%-90% on your grocery bill! 

Start off at my Couponing 101.  Here you will find great tips on how to get organized, where to find the coupons and even learn how to speak Coupons (the new must learn second language)!

  1. Collect those Coupons!  Subscribe to your Sunday paper, this is were you will get the majority of your coupons.  If you live in Idahos Treasure Valley you can get theEXTREME COUPONING NEWSPAPER DEAL!  Ask your friends, neighbor’s and co-workers for their un-wanted inserts.  Got the coupon bug and just can't wait until Sunday to start?  You don't have to...Print coupons from the comfort of your own home, in your PJ's if you like!  I won't judge!
  2. Get Organized!  There is no right or wrong way when it comes to organizing your coupons. The only thing I find to be true is if your coupons are organized then you will use them!  Organization can be the one thing that stops a newbie from couponing! It’s very overwhelming to find a new place or places for all this new “clutter”!  Lucky for us there are lots of ways to GET ORGANIZED!  Its OK to change methods a few times, try them all out if you need to; Just find what works for you!  Want a coupon binder like the one you saw me use on the show?  Download my coupon binder inserts
  3. Stacking Coupons = Huge Savings!  So you have your coupons, you got them organized....Now what?!  Wait until the products you use are on sale; I like to see them at least 70% off retail before I will stockup!  Extreme Couponers don’t use coupons just because they have them and we NEVER Buy something our family won’t use! 
  4. The Pride and Joy!  Oh the STOCKPILE...Every couponer must have a stockpile to save big.  The items in your stockpile are items you bought at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES, that is how you save mega mulla for your family.  You will never have to run to the store and pay full retail for anything because you bought it for pennies on the dollar!  While my stockpile might seem extreme to some of you, it is the perfect size for my family.  You know your family the best and will be able to create an efficient stockpile to take care of them.
  5. Share the Wealth!  One thing I love about Couponing is it enables you to give back to your community even more than you already are!  In no time you will have enough supplies to run a small army.  So when the duty calls, DONATE!  Sale Cycles come around about every 3-4 months, you will constantly be able to add to your stockpile; SHARE THE WEALTH! 

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