Wednesday, February 22, 2012


With a house full of dirty boys and a tomboy toddler
Stain Remover is a must have staple for my house!

Before couponing I would buy bulk OxyClean at Costco,
After couponing....sure I would try to stockup on a good sale....never could get enough!

For the past 6 months....I make my own!
It has proven to be effective & safe on color & whites,
I personally have successfully removed grass stains, marker, chapstick, crayola & kept white baseball pants looking new for through Spring & Summer Ball!

Price Comparison:

Name Brand Shout Stain Remover 30oz $4.97 (Local Walmart Price)

My Homemade Stain Remover 30 oz $.13
This is based on my stockup prices & cost of the ingredients in my area:
  • Ammonia $.88 
    • 64oz bottle - that is enough to make 13 batches @ $.07 a batch
    • Buy at Dollar Store on $.88 Tuesdays, otherwise $1
  • Dish Soap FREE 
    • 19oz bottle - that is enought to make 4 batches - cost nothing a batch
    • I never pay for Dish Soap, we get free all the time)
    • I used Dawn, but any dish soap will work just fine
  • Baking Soda - $.30 or less 
    • 1 pound box - that is enough to make 5 batches @ $.06 a batch
    • stock up during baking season to get the best price

Homemade Shout Stain Remover
2/3 C Dish Soap
2/3 C Ammonia
6 Tb Baking Soda
2 C Warm Water

1. Mix together all the ingredients in a medium bowl.
2. Pour into an old Shout bottle or other spray bottle.
3. To use, shake the bottle well because the baking soda does settle to the bottom. Spray as you normally would on a stain then launder. 


* Stain Remover is safe to use on colored & white clothes
*Do not use on anything that will be washed with chlorine bleach due to the ammonia!

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