Monday, February 13, 2012


There were some great coupons in yesterdays Sunday paper!

My favorites were the 
$3/1 Got2B Hair Product ( want more)
$1/1 GE Light Bulbs (regional, I didn't get this one)

These are items that I use all year long so to get my year supply I 
turn to a Clipping Service or Ebay.  

Here are the resources I like to use:

Ebay can be a bit tricky; click here to read my Ebay How-to

Here are a few of my favorite Clipping Services:

    Specializes in Whole Inserts.  If there are multiple coupons from one insert you want, It will always be cheaper to buy the whole insert rather then clipped.  FREE SHIPPING

  Specializes in clipped individual coupons.  Also has a great program called "My Rewards" you get points for purchasing coupons that then work as cash on their site to purchase future coupons.  It's a nice reward for your purchases!

  Also featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing.  Specializes in clipped individual coupons, has a huge variety of the hard to find regional ones. FREE SHIPPING

The Coupon Clippers     Specializes in clipped individual coupons.

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