Friday, February 24, 2012


I was searching for ways to hem jeans and keep the great original hem line that they always have (I hate when you can tell I have hemmed my jeans)
While doing so I came across this site called Refashion, Repurpose, Redo.  She has the best idea I have ever seen to keep the original hem line for  DIY hem job!
If you pay for someone to hem your jeans or your kids jeans check this out!

Here is her great step-by-step instructions with pictures!  
Measure and pin the jeans to the length you wanted them.
I needed to take off 4″ from the hem so I measured just over 2″ and pinned, measuring before pinning each time. Do not include the original hem when measuring. You’ll need to decide how much you want to take off then divide it in half and pin all the way around.20111217-233316.jpg
Now, sew very closely to the original hem, sewing to the right side of the hem. I reinforced this stitch and sewed around the hem twice because I wear jeans every day and need them durable.
Next, I cut off the excess. You can choose to keep it, especially if you’re hemming children’s jeans who may later need the length. I haven’t grown since 7th grade so I opted to cut off the excess material.
After, I ironed the hem to help it lay smoothly.
And now i have a great pair of jeans that aren’t drowning my ankles in fabric.
Optional: I prefer to do a top stitch right above the original hem to keep the bottom from rolling up after washing. This really does the trick (I’m way too busy/lazy to iron them each time) and this extra step keeps them flat. Make sure that you use thread that matches your jeans. I bought some jean thread that is heavy duty and matches really well; however, you do not actually need specialty thread, just make sure it matches and blends in.

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