Friday, February 3, 2012


(excuse the webcam photo)

In efforts to clean up my closet issue I am finding ways to recycle some of my 
clothes that I am not donating.

Making old things new is like making leftovers yummy again!

Here is a very simple scarf necklace I made from an old 100% cotton shirt that 
had seen better days.  I love it so much I am going to recycle all my old tee's so I will have a scarf necklace in many colors!

You can even add some bling by attaching a pendant or ribbon to your scarf!

This was very simple and I made it in about 10 minutes


  • An old T-shirt 
  • Pair of scissors
  • 10 minutes
  • Cut the bottom ribbing off the shirt and discard
  • Cut the shirt into 1/2 inch strips (you will have loops)

  • Group all the loops together with the hem line from each loop lined up (if you shirt has side hems

  • Cut a small strip from the remaining shirt to use as a tie
  • Tie the loops together to hold in place 
  • I tied mine where I grouped the hem lines so when I were the scarf necklace the tie and hem is hidden under my hair.

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