Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is what a few kinds words can get you....

In Albertsons ad (ends today) I noticed they had Eat Smart Vegetables for $1.99,
seemed like a good price...even better if I could find a coupon.

After doing some research all I could find was their website, but no coupon!
So I clicked on their "Contact Us" tab and asked.

Here is what I said:
I noticed your brand of vegetables in my local stores ad, for the first time.  I would love to try your product, do you have any coupons to help do so?  

That was it, that is all I wrote and BAM the coupon fairy visited my house!
I got a booklet full of coupons and recipes, as well as 2 coupons for a FREE Bag Veggies!

I didn't get 300 of them....but I will take the 2!!

*Just because you contact a company does not mean you will get the result you are looking for.  I contact companies all the time and do not hear back from many of them.

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