Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Tonight's the night you get to see me in action!

I have to say this episode was by far my favorite one to film.  I had said after the first time I was on Extreme Couponing that I didn't want to just do a big haul again.  If I was ever going to be on their show again I wanted it to have a purpose.  

This series totally has that and I am completely honored to have gotten to be
 apart of such a great cause.  

I have to say that filming this episode really gave me some appreciation for my Idaho Stores.

Sure, I knew I was lucky to have stores around me that doubled coupons on a regular basis....
so I thought!  
I can tell you now that I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to live in an area with stores that double!!

This shopping trip was by far the hardest trip I had ever done!  
* I shopped in a State I was not familiar with
* Shopped at a store I didn't even know existed (that was the size of Costco, might I add)
*The store didn't double coupons
* Didn't allow overage
* I got to see the store for the first time only 14 hours before I filmed
* Oh yeah, and had a policy change that took effect the day I was to film (NICE RIGHT!)

Regardless of all of this I choose to stay true to me and how I like to shop.....
I don't buy things just because they are free, I buy things to make meals for my family.
I did this the first time around and I made sure I did the same thing for Charity.

I am very aware of how food pantries work, I know that they put boxes of food together for families to eat out of and most importantly I know what these food banks are needing.

I made sure I kept this in mind when I did my shopping.....
I didn't want to buy 700 cat treats just because they were free and would boost my savings.  
I wanted to buy items that would give these needy families a solid meal, something to fill their bellies and put a smile on their face!

I made sure I used the same rules for my meals; 
that is why it was a MUST that I bought the following items:

* Fresh Meat
* Fresh Produce
*Frozen Veggies
* Canned Veggies
* Dairy 
* Canned Beans
* Rice

With these 7 items I knew there would be plenty of healthy choices that would also keep them full!

I hope you enjoy watching me tonight!

Most importantly I hope I shed some light on the fact that you can indeed 
Extreme Coupon at stores that 
do not double or allow overage!!

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  1. I think u should have been the winner of the challenge because u got items to do full well rounded meals. U did a great job and I'm so happy to say u r the one that got me into couponing.
    Thanks for all ur hard work,

  2. I thought it was fabulous that you got so much meat and other real food. I've really disliked when others have gotten so much soda and other items that I don't believe should be given to a food bank or given out at a food bank. Thanks for showing us what is possible!

  3. Fatastic job! You accomplished the actual goal! Items people actually needed...MEAT! You made Idaho proud! It seemed unfair that your store did not double coupons but the other store did. Once again...great job!

    Barbi- Nampa, ID