Thursday, January 12, 2012


As of the middle of December Albertsons had changed their policy to allow overage from manufacture coupons.  There still was some confusion as to whether or not we would be getting overage when we doubled.  As you can see from the above picture someone had asked just that on Albertsons Facebook (click here to read it in full); the reply back from the Albertsons Rep stated that we would indeed get the overage after doubling and it would be applied to your basket purchase.  SWEET!

While this got most stores giving overage after doublers it wasn't good enough to keep it set in stone.  I have received clarification from my corporate contact.  
Here is what she had to say:

“Overages are only permitted on manufacturer coupons. In the event that a manufacturer coupon exceeds the price of the item, the customer will receive overage to use to other items in their transaction. However, when a manufacturer coupon paired with a TTV exceeds the price of the item, the item will just be free. No overage will be given”

I know that some might still get away with getting overage, but don't expect it to happen and don't be surprised if you getting one day and not another.  Corporate makes these decision, and with any decision I'm sure it will take time to get every store and every cashier on the same page!

Now, of course this will change my final price for my transaction #5 I showed you yesterday.  
Click Here to see my whole shopping trip plan.

Transaction #5 will now look like this:
*originally I was planning on getting overage from the dressing leaving my total $.98, 
now I will not be getting overage so my total will be $1.97

Transaction #5
Buy 3 Ken's Dressing $1.67
Buy 3 lbs of beef roast $3.99 lb
1 5lb bag of potatoes $1.69
1 1lb bag of Carrots $.79
1 Celery bunch $1.29
= $20.75 - total after store sale, but before coupons
- $3.77 - Albertsons FREE produce promo
- $5.01 - Double (3) $1/1 Ken's Dressing SS 1/8
- $10.00 - $10 Catalina from Transaction #2
Final Price: $1.97

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